02 September, 2015

One persons thoughts on America

The reason we need to teach historical facts in school is obvious. Our past is riddled with abuse of any non white person. Blacks, Mexicans and Native Americans have all be marginalized. Even during my lifetime because I grew up in Missouri and my mothers family came from Mississippi. When I traveled to the south a few times during the sixties I realized how bad it was.

When I was twelve and visited my Aunt Vie in Louisiana I was considered a slut because I didn't play with dolls. I wanted to lean to drive but in rural Louisiana that was unacceptable.  My Aunt gave me my first driving lessons because she was well respected and a independant woman. What I learned from the experience was something I built my belief system on and it has influenced my life to this day.

I doubt people in the big cities know the humiliation people of color have been subjected to considering cities are usually more progressive than rural areas. My Aunt was a Christian. She took care of her family, owned and ran the local store. She made sure her neighbors were fed. We drove once a week into the woods where the people would be standing by the road waiting for her truck. The uneducated and crippled that lived off the land, she would bring basics like salt, flour and corn meal so they could have a better diet. I would say she taught me what people of faith do for their neighbors. She didn't pick and choose who she helped she just helped.

My generation believed our efforts to bring about civil rights to the majority was how America would improve it's future. We didn't count on our generation turning against us. The business community could have been better but continued to discriminate. Some didn't, they hired everyone and people's lives improved. Unions uplifted the laborer and built the society considered the best in the world. The American dream was alive.

Then something happened and I can't say why it was done but it seems like the people that joined Unions were made the scapegoats of the powerful, used to undermine progress.  The systematic deconstruction of the labor unions stopped the growth of our industries, few people had wages to provide a better life for their families. Education and opportunities were under attack. Liberal became a dirty word because being liberal meant you trusted people to do what was best for society, you trusted the individual to control their own life.  People could be trusted to make good choices. Well the men that seek power to control others couldn't have that. Only they know what is right and wrong. So they got preachers on the payroll because everyone knows God has the last word. He would if he actually told you what he wanted and not just those special few that benefit financially from claiming to her him speak and telling others what to think and do.

Business was focused on management not labor. Now management is good but not as important as labor. If the product doesn't get built there is no product to sell, if workers don't have money they can' t buy products.  I don't need to go to college to understand the basis of a healthy economy and I know for a fact that any CEO that gets a golden parachute if they fail is not someone I want running my business. Hiring a loser is a good way to kill jobs and cut wages.

So what was the purpose behind killing America's industries? Wall Street knows emerging markets make more money than established markets so to be able to make more and more money they needed to start a new market, pay lower wages, control the future and keep workers under their thumb. Then sell the workers on a market investment for their retirement, get rid of Social Security, and force everyone to invest in these markets.

Wall Street and the Banks will own you by taking your money away when you need it the most. They will control every man woman and child in the country by manipulating all the resources and the safety net we established to protect our futures will fade from memory.

These large investment companies, hedge funds and others have the power to control the market, crash the market and control the world.

So the world government that so many Christians are worried about is the one they support. I hope everyone is aware of this fact and will take a good look at the big picture. You may not understand all the tiny things being manipulated but you can see what is happening in our country and the world. You can see that your religion is being used to foster hate and fear. All these things destabilize society.

If you think the government is going to take your guns look at who is really attacking your rights. The Corporate shills that write our laws to protect themselves from us, Your representative in government passed the Patriot Act, allowing all the spying and forced entries that are getting police killed.  The ones that ended regulation of the market then bailed them out when the market crashed. Anyone getting the picture?   They have turned your country into a militarized police state and the cops are being blamed and killed because of corrupted government owned by Corporations, Wall Street and Banks. They are the ones that sit back and do nothing but cut every program that has been established to protect you and your family from losing everything you worked a life time to acquire.

I promise you this: If we don't stop them by electing people that will reign them in with legislation restricting their power each and every one of us are in danger of losing everything. Then they will use their power to take away your guns.

Maybe investing in an industry you like would be a better choice. Pull your money out of their market and start coop markets. Invest in Hemp and other renewable and innovative businesses. If you want a better world you will have to make it yourself because the people that pay to own Congress own you. Follow the money.

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